Rick Hale — Oregon, USA


Quick facts:

  • Count: 3 TI graphing calculators (3 distinct models)
  • By series: 2x Z80, 0x eZ80, 1x 68k, 0x Nspire, 0x PET, 0x Other
  • Oldest one: a TI-82 manufactured in February 1996
  • Latest one: a TI-89 Titanium manufactured in May 2011

Calculator model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Comment
TI-83 Plus
Color: Blue (translucent) 
I 0501 D 1320017164 1.19 Good 2009-08-28 With TI Graphlink USB cable
P 0511 L 2868002979 3.10 Good 2021-02-16 With USB Data Transfer Computer Cable
I 0296 R 40646174 19.0 Fair 2021-02-23 Link cable