Pi Time


Quick facts:

  • Count: 10 TI graphing calculators (7 distinct models)
  • By series: 7x Z80, 1x eZ80, 2x 68k, 0x Nspire, 0x PET, 0x Other
  • Oldest one: a TI-81 manufactured in September 1990
  • Latest one: a TI-84 Plus CE manufactured in March 2015

Calculator model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Comment
I 0990 pre-A 0929933 1.1K Good No backup battery.
I 0292 A 0250267 1.6K Broken LCD has missing lines. Missing cover.
I 0596 R 43312150 19.0 Good Manual(s) Vertical lines in LCD that disappear with use
I 0100 1120V04287 Boot 1.05 / Base 2.0.9 Worn
I 0194 K 16.0 Fair Line through LCD. First acquired. Missing in action.
I 0499 B 12021494 1.00 Worn Corroded battery contact. Not always functional.
I 0396 I 40477655 10.0 Good Overclocked
I 0700 K 1391010560 1.6 Good Manual(s) Overclocked
TI-84 Plus CE
Color: Radical Red 
L 0315 pre-A 1033005165 Boot / Base Good Manual(s)
I 0293 B 02105073 1.8K Good Housing swap with the above calculator due to damage.